Full-stack developer (front-end dominant) with 18+ years of diverse experience building sites, web apps, mobile apps (iOS & Android), automation tools, games, training courses, and more.

Driven problem solver. Excellent communicator. Flexible. Eye for detail on front-end, solid experience on the back-end. Assimilates new skills at an alarming rate. Dynamic, positive personality. Writes clean, reusable code that is well documented and easily re-purposed. Ability to program nearly anything.

I've used a dozen other languages besides what is listed here. (Lua, VB, AutoIt, Python, and a few bizarre variants of JavasScript to name a few.) I'm comfortable with back-end development, but prefer the front-end where I can engage my sense of UI/UX design.

JavaScript / ES6

React / Redux






Node JS

Angular JS


Other tools, libraries, and frameworks I'm familiar with include: BackboneJS, Underscore, Babel, Enzyme, Mocha, Chai, Karma, Sinon, Jest, Jasmine, Grunt, Gulp, Webpack, ESLint, Babel, etc.

Build, Test & Deploy Automation

Prototyped and developed build, test, and deployment automation solution for mobile banking division of a fortune 500 company.

Mobile Game

Programmed and released Ivory Tower Defenders action/strategy mobile game for iOS & Android. (Ranked in top 3%, #51 out of 20,000. 4+ years later, still no bugs.)

Video Automation

Automated video production process for company to produce custom-branded videos for venture partners at a fraction of time and costs.

Adobe Plugin Creation

Wrote several Adobe plugins used by thousands of Flash Developers to automate and speed up various animation and layout tasks.

Photoshop to Strict HTML/CSS Generator

Wrote tool to convert PSD site layouts into HTML & CSS, resulting in a massive improvement to site development time, cross-browser stability and uniformity.

Book Highlight Parser

Wrote program to scan books, extracting only highlighted text, and build summarized reports of key information. (Personal project.)

Smart Sparrow, Inc.

Front-End Engineer

06/16 to Current

Focus on developing customized learning solutions and applications for clients using Smart Sparrow's robust adaptive learning platform. Examples: build out virtual chemistry wet lab simulations from scratch, interactive circuit board simulations, UI widget design and construction, and student-feedback mechanisms.

Work is primarily front-end and technical, but often covers back-end, design, animation, creative/conceptual input, and UI/UX guidance.

Linqto, Inc.

Senior Software Engineer

04/13 to 05/16

Played multiple roles, predominantly automation development. Led the architecture, prototyping, and development of a sizable build, test, and deployment automation solution for a key $1.6B client in the financial sector.

Also assisted in developing marketing content, strategy, and messaging for Linqto as we worked to make the transition from a service-based revenue model to a product-based one.

GSN (TV & Games)

Game Developer

04/13 to 11/13

Focused predominantly on refactoring code for various flash-based casino games, bug hunting and fixing, writing feature additions, and prototyping. Also built some automation tools to help cross the production gap between the design and development teams.

Dune Thomas Digital Design

Contract Full Stack Developer / Designer

03/00 to 04/13

13 years as a full-stack developer for dozens of varied projects covering all things mobile and internet: CMS / WP sites, web apps, mobile games and apps, interactive multimedia presentations, video, audio, and design/animation work.

I typically provided clients with design and content services in addition to front-end HTML/CSS/Flash AS3/JavaScript/jQuery coding and occasional back-end (PHP/MySQL) support. For a sample listing of clients, projects, and demos please visit www.DuneThomas.com.

Tour Anything, Inc.

Partner, Developer, Manager

05/03 to 03/07

Partnered with colleague to help launch one of the first rich-media content studios aimed at interactive online “product tours” for key high-tech clients. Tours allowed clients to demo products to potential customers in a virtual, highly engaging and interactive online environment.

Managed artists, maintained production schedules, interfaced with clients, and successfully built well over 100 tours, writing and producing for top companies such as Fuji, Canon, Epson, Sony, Pentax, Netgear, SanDisk and many others.

Mobile Game: ITD

ITD - Splash Page
ITD - Game Play Screen
ITD - Hints Notebook

Ivory Tower Defenders

All Coding, front-to-back

Coded from start-to-finish a mobile “tower defense” style action/ strategy game called Ivory Tower Defenders, which was recently launched on both the iTunes Apple Store and various Android markets such as the Google Play Store.

Though simple in appearance, the path-finding issues in this game were very complex. Students (runners) would each follow different paths according to the type of student they were. This was altered by which empty seat each student was nearest to. Finally, if a student was defeated or sat down, all other runners on the screen must immediately respond by recalculating seat distances, competing student choices, and a variety of route options.

The problem is that this must be done very quickly and on every frame that the display was refreshed. Which would have been tolerable if there weren’t timing issues due to processor/display engine limitations. If the timing wasn’t perfect, identical choices by a player could result in different outcomes in the game, which would be unacceptable as it defeats the point of the game mechanics.

Mobile App: EV Bay Tour

Bay Tour - Map Screen
Bay Tour - Image Detail Screen

Environmental Volunteers Mobile App

All coding, front-to-back. Design, UI, Voice Over & Audio.

This mobile app was designed to give visitors to the Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve an interactive, self-guided walking tour of the wetlands. In addition to handling all programming for the app, I covered various design and audio tasks, and provided the narrative voice-overs for the app’s feature locations. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.

(Also, 2 years later I built a second version of the app in Español.)

Site Automation Methodology & Tools

Quadbox Method Documentation
Automation UI & Photoshop Plugin

Quadbox Methodology & Tools

Methodology, Programming, UI, and Documentation

During a time when IE6 (a notoriously 'ill behaved' edition of Internet Explorer) was in wide-spread use, I became a tad obsessed with finding a better way to code websites that could properly handle all dominant browsers including IE6 with a common, strictly CSS/HTML solution. I started collaborating with a designer who would give me designs in Photoshop that I would then convert into HTML & CSS, or form into WordPress Templates.

I developed my own method, called the “QuadBox Method” of web development. The result was a coding system that would produce perfectly uniform site layouts across all major browser platforms, even IE6 (whose full name should not be spoken aloud lest we risk it rising from the dead). To make development even faster, I built a plug-in for Photoshop, complete with a sophisticated UI panel, that allowed me to quickly select and define different layout components and structures directly in Photoshop. When done, my system would generate a very clean, perfectly standardized W3C-compliant HTML & CSS coded website templates.

Admittedly, while these tools did reduce turn-around time, their value was short-lived. The need for such an approach diminished in direct correlation to the drop in IE6 usage, and the rising adoption of HTML5/CSS3 and jQuery.

Web Quiz Game: Presidential Election

Quiz Game Play Screen
Quiz Game Score Screen

CWA Presidential Election Quiz

All programming, UX/UI, Graphic Design, Animation, Audio

CWA wanted an interactive Flash-based quiz-format game to inform participants about Barack Obama’s and John McCain’s respective healthcare platforms during the 2008 presidential election. All they had were a simple set of questions and answers, and they wanted a way turn this into a quiz of some kind that would be fun and engaging.

The result of this 6-week project is what you see here. This was a truly ‘built from scratch’ effort as I handled every last thing from the sound effects and graphic design to the animation and coding.

The app uses an XML back-end with a simple question/answer editor. As a bonus to leverage CWA’s efforts, the app was designed to be easily updated to run other quiz-games with different token graphics.

Web App: Vitamin Finder

Question Screen 1
Recommendations Screen

RLNS Vitamin & Calcium Recommendation Widgets

All programming, front-to-back

Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems offers a numerous selection of multivitamin and calcium supplements, each suited to the needs of specific customers. RLNS needed a way to help customers find the products that were tailored to their needs.

Given an excel spreadsheet of their products and features, I created a pair of web apps that would walk a potential customer through a set of questions about their wants and needs. The app then suggests up to 3 products to meet the user's criteria for a multi-vitamin or calcium product. If interested, the user can choose to purchase the product, connecting to the store directly from the app.

These apps make use of a MySQL database to gather anonymous user data to further provide RLNS with valuable feedback about their customers. I also set up and connected an email marketing campaign/service for the company, and added an opt-in feature to the apps so interested customers can subscribe to receive company email offers.

Embedded App: Panasonic Camera Utility


Panasonic Camera Utility

All Programming, UI, Graphic Design

Developed UI and software for a consumer class Panasonic security camera, allowing consumers to control the camera remotely through a standard web browser. The software and UI was embedded into the camera so it could be used out-of-the-box. This is the oldest project on my portfolio, but I’m listing it because it was done when this sort of remote access technology was still rather new stuff.

Adobe Plug-ins: Animation Tools

Flashwhip Tool Demo Video

Adobe Flash Animation Utilities & Plugins

All programming

Several years ago I coded a series of plug-ins for the Adobe Flash authoring tool. (Part of Adobe CS4 and CS5 software suites.) These have since been downloaded and used by thousands of Flash coders and animators. The plug-ins helped Flash developers to automate and speed up various animation and layout tasks. While I wrote several of these plug-ins (including a set for Photoshop as well), I have only included this single example.

The link is from a video used to demo how of one of my “FlashWhip” Adobe Flash Animation plug-ins worked so you can see it in action.

Interactive Product Demos

Lexar - Power to Go
Fuji - FinePix V10

Interactive Product Tours

Coding, animation, project & team management, VO, Graphic Design

Here are two average examples of the literally dozens of product tours done for various high-profile clients such as Sony, Canon, Epson, Netgear, Pentax, Fuji, Avaya, Lexar, SanDisk, SlingBox, and many others.

These interactive demos were all created in Flash, which was a tricky feat to pull off… the Flash Player had big timing issues when it came to playing audio. Voice over synchronization would slip because the Flash player would drop frames to keep up visual playback speed, but it did this without dropping audio frames. That meant 30 seconds into the tour, the VO would be talking out of sync like a bad kung-fu movie.

Finding a solution to this problem meant our studio was the only one at the time that could produce these interactive product tours with voice overs tracks that remained in-sync during playback. In addition, some clever pre-loading kept performance smooth regardless of presentation length or user bandwidth.

Have worked with Dune Thomas on various projects for over seven years. Would recommend him highly to anyone seeking the rare combination of left and right brain skills.

As a software engineer, he can solve for extreme programming puzzles. As a designer/producer, he will make any product look good... My recommendation is five stars.

Bill Sarris - CEO | Linqto, Inc.

Dune is a fantastic developer... a programmer who genuinely cares about quality and will push through walls to make things work. I can think of 2 major issues (memory leaks and a complex pathfinding algorithm) we had with the game app which could have easily stopped other coders, but he came up with creative solutions that worked.

Dune actually documents his code and is very well organized. So if he's working in a team or his code has to be worked on by another programmer later on, they have a good chance of understanding what he did. I've been working in the interactive world long enough to know how rare this is.

On top of all that, he has a great sense of humor and makes working together fun. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Jason "Django" Zeaman - President | Handcrafted Learning

I hired Dune as a code / developer / design exec waaay back in 1997. This guy is amazingly balanced between the right and left brain - both highly creative and highly technical. To be honest, it's a combo you don't find very often - so snap him up while you can!

...and I want to say this - he's a first class human. You couldn't do better.

Tim Levy - CEO | Tim Levy & Associates

Dune is that rare find: personable, fun, reliable, and relentlessly dedicated to high-quality work. I heartily recommend him for anyone seeking an expert coder for web or mobile projects.

Duke Houston - Principal | Houston Graphics

I’m most familiar with Dune’s Flash, design, scriptwriting and video skills. Dune is an endlessly creative and technically savvy problem-solver. High integrity, great communicator, a lot of fun to work with. Whoever gets him on their team or project is very lucky.

Noel Murphy - CEO | Rocket Cat Films